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                                There is such a group of people, they have their chilies, the qi force forward;

                                They worked hard and were moving.
                                The years have accumulated, the good rice employees, in the pursuit and interpretation of the petrochemicals dream, the Chinese dream journey together.
                                We are committed to protecting the basic rights and interests of employees, building a platform for employees to grow up, and building up the strength of culture to help the employees of the Haomi staff.
                                The company's pride and shame are all employees.
                                The heart department staff, the honor and shame and the unity, self-improvement ceaselessly.
                                The company's performance is the accumulation of your wisdom!
                                The miracle of today is due to your intelligence!
                                Encourage employees to enhance their self-worth, value their employees' values and personal development, and provide space and assistance for employees' personal development
                                Respect every employee
                                You are the foundation of business development
                                Take care of every employee
                                Because of you, the company grows
                                Be honest with each other
                                Colleagues are friends and colleagues who should care for each other and help each other.
                                Mutual support: when colleagues need help, they should be duty-bound.
                                Don't worry about work, but help others.
                                Mutual concern: don't mistake a colleague for an enemy, and you can't even count your colleagues.
                                Real good colleagues should be in the same boat, in the same way, in sharing and caring for each other.
                                Be equal: with many colleagues, you should strive to be generous, impartial, and familiar.
                                To be honest with others: to be a good colleague is to be a gentleman.
                                Be honest with your colleagues.
                                You should treat your colleagues with respect, arrogance in front of colleagues, and the easiest way to create misunderstandings and estrangement from each other and even hurt each other.
                                One more concern, one more greetings, one more help;
                                Concerned about the development and progress of employees;
                                Concerned about employee's income;
                                Care about the future of employees and help them achieve their dreams.

                                1、Celebrating birthdays is a "home culture" of Haomi corporate culture
                                2、Sports operation will be a "team building" for the culture of good rice enterprises.
                                Tourism is the "welfare" of the good rice corporate culture.