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                                Human resource policy  
                                       Haomi Power, adhering to the "people-oriented" management concept, always with "meet the demand, can play, value realization and improvement of quality of life" as the starting point and end-result of enterprise development, adhere to respect, to advocate equality.
                                Haomi Power, adhere to the "take employees as the main body", respect for employees, takes care of people, rely on the staff, give full play to the staff's enthusiasm and subjective initiative, everyone is a manager, everyone is a hero;
                                        To establish and perfect a complete set of enterprise culture, the cadre staff responsibilities, training, motivation, development, management methods and mechanism, give full play to the role of the talent, to achieve the career advancement opportunities, treatment of recognition, recognition, corporate culture, real ascension staff to enterprise's identity and sense of belonging, let employees share enterprise rapid development of fruitful results.

                                Having "one skill and a special ability", can be in the long work to make steel, find out the talent, realize the broad stage of ambition.