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                                        Haomi Power established a whole set of perfect management system of rank, has been clear about the management, professional, skills, three career paths, according to each channel staff qualifications and ability quality level is divided into different level of qualification, used to guide the staff's career development path.
                                Employees can choose according to their own special skill development direction, Haomi Power will fully respect employees' development, must have the value of different potential employees, to establish the broad development space for the staff, will make all the employees in good meters Power of men.
                                         Haomi Power encourage employees to constantly find yourself, to explore yourself, not on a regular basis to provide for internal staff recruitment and internal employees preferred open recruitment job, make employees have more opportunity and job rotation training through internal applying for personal career success.
                                         Haomi Power, is equipped with multiple perspectives multi-level training programs for employees, such as job skills training, management training, reserve cadre training plan and other multi-angle multi-level training and training projects, to employees' personal development and ability to provide effective training support ascension.