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                                The 8th Anniversary Celebration of Haomi Group and 2018 Annual Festival a comple

                                With the passage of time, a year has passed. Looking back on 2017, with the belief of "beginning , gratitude and forward", under the leadership of leaders and with the concerted efforts of all staff. And actively accomplish the set goals and tasks. After a meaningful, valuable and rewarding year, we welcomed the new year with joy. On December 11, 2017, Haomi held the welcome party named that "Haomi Group's 8th Anniversary Celebration and 2018 Annual Meeting".
                                With the broadcast of the promotional video of Haomi, the impassioned speech by Mr. Zhang, the president of the company, not only reviews the history of Haomi from its track record and development to the present, but also looks forward to the future and depicts the blueprint for the future, adding endless confidence to everyone. So Haomi group celebration of the 8th anniversary of the 2018 grand ceremony began.
                                Recalling the past,we can not forget the hard work of all staff, many employees in 2017 after the secret voting won the "Haomi character" title. The company awarded them a series of awards. Such as "Haomi Spirit Award", "Haomi Excellent Staff", "Haomi Progress Award", "Haomi New Person Award", "Special Dedication Award" and "Outstanding Team Award". Award-winning employees are attached to the award-winning testimony and good wishes for the future of Haomi.
                                Lively atmosphere throughout the party jubilant, brilliant show. The performance shows one by one, the stage became a joyous ocean, applause, applause, laughter endless. Evening show colorful. Especially the "Hula dance" brought by the boys in the production department, the "Kung Fu Yoga" brought by the administration department and the general management office, the dazzling clothes, the enchanting dance, the exciting rhythm, are all hot to everyone Under a deep impression. Pieces "aunt meeting", "not looking for sincerity," "New Year's sentence three and a half" so that everyone here smiled and felt happy. Finale song made by Mr.Zhang called "Like a dream free" even to the party climax, the venue became a sea of laughter.
                                Joyous laughter resounded around, crisp singing lingering over; rotation of the dance indicates that the Year of the Fengyi, strong friendship exceptionally sweet.
                                In the joyful song, the host announces the party is over, but everyone are still passionate and celebrate each other with a glass of wine and work together to fight for a better tomorrow for the company and themselves.